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Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate

Its chemical formula is xZnO.yB2O3zH2O. It is a chemical substance used as a smoke suppressor and contains boron within it. It is a white, non-damp, viscous and powdery substance. Zinc borate is one of the most important properties of zinc borate because it has low water solubility and high dehydration temperature. It is also possible to add solid polymer additives by squeezing or spraying molding. It can only be hydrolysis with strong acids and bases. It is also a substance that confers adhesion and anti-art properties between metals and resins.

Zinc borates are used as flame retardant, corrosion retardant and smoke suppressor in polymers and coatings, especially in pvc, nylon and halogenated polyester. It is used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant plastics as it has a high dehydration temperature. Zinc borates have areas of use in in fireproof cables, fireproof fabrics, electrical-electronic components, paints, automobile-aircraft interior parts, paper and textile industry.

It is often preferred because it is a more effective smoke suppressor when compared to other flame retardants and is cheaper than other flame retardants. In recent years, the use of zinc borate in combination with other flame retardants in different applications has been increasing. For example, zinc borate is used in combination with aluminum hydroxyl and magnesium hydroxyl in halogen-containing and non-containing systems. Zinc borate is also used to reduce melting point in glass and ceramic industry, as well as to protect wood components as fungus and insecticide in addition to the use of flame retardant.


Certain areas where zinc borate can be used are as follows;

In production of automobile / aircraft interior components

Electrical / electronic parts production

PVC coatings

Fire retardant and fire extinguisher production sectors

In the fungal and insecticide pharmaceutical Industries

At the textile and plastics Institute

Cable industry


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