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It is obtained by the cross-linking of polyethylene molecules. For this purpose, the molecular structure is changed by applying heat, pressure and catalyst chemical additives to polyethylene from outside. XLPEs that are used in weak current cables are also created by the method called sioplas.

It has a closed cell structure. It provides heat and moisture insulation. It is resistant to wear. It recovers itself after impact, not collapses. It can be shaped by heat. It’s a moisture barrier. It is easy to apply due to its high elasticity and lightness. XLPE (cross-connected polyethylene) is often preferred in cable insulation. The reasons for this;

It has high thermal resistance and long life. Physical and electrical properties do not deteriorate at large temperature changes. XLPE maintains flexibility at low temperatures (-40 C). The dielectric losses in XLPE insulated cables are minimal. It is highly resistant to chemicals. The water absorption feature is very low. Mechanical strength is high. Continuous current handling and short circuit resistance is high.

It is environmentally friendly. HCFC does not contain harmful or banned chemicals. It is not affected by environmental conditions.


Certain areas where XLPE can be used are as follows:

Cable manufacturing


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What are the application areas of XLPE


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