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Trioctile Trimellitate (TOTM)

Trioctile Trimellitate (TOTM)

It is the main plasticizer in PVC production. Due to their low volatility and migration values, they are preferred for the application pastes which is sensitive in these subjects.  These applications include high temperature resistant cables and sanitary applications. Trioctile trimellitate is the reason for preference due to its easy use and its contribution to the finished product. It is often used extensively in applications that require insulation. It can get all polymeric chemicals easily and very quickly. Trioctile mellitate has high dielectric resistance and is especially used in cable applications requiring insulation such as 105 °C in cables. It has a good complementary effect for polymeric plasticizers to be used in manufacturing and is a good counterpart of plasticizers such as dioctile sebacate. It is a variety of plasticizers with a high boiling point and a good low temperature performance. Therefore, it shows deterioration resistance in the wide temperature spectrum. High degree of volatility resistance gives excellent results in desired products. Especially very low smoke at high temperature and very good cracking resistance at low temperatures is the preferred reason for the desired processes. Thanks to this feature, it is preferred in automotive and cable sector.


Certain areas where trioctile mellitate can be used are as follows;

In some applications the trioctile trimellitate plasticizer can be blended and applied with other low-volatility plasticizers such as DOP or Diisoctile terephthalate(DOTP).

In-car applications

Wire and cable industry


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What are the application areas of Trioctile Trimellitate


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