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Antioxidants 168/1010/1076/TBM6

Plastics and elastomers are often subjected to effects such as mechanical loading, heat, friction under the oxygen medium of the air. This oxygen environment causes the material to be rapidly exposed to oxidative effects. Antioxidants are additives used to fight these degrades.

Antioxidants protect the product’s appearance life, heat resistance, hardness and softness against degradation that may occur in process, color degradation, metal degradation and thermal degradation.

The natural structure (unadulterated state) of polymers begins to encounter oxygen and decay. Decay occurs in the same way as oxidation occurs in the raw metal, until the color turns green brown flakes begin to form on the surface until the material becomes unusable. When the plastic material is degraded, the polymer chains are broken into small pieces, or the chain is broken.


Certain areas where antioxidants can be used are as follows;

Food industry

Cable manufacturing

Paint industry

Pipe manufacturing

Window profile manufacturing

Tire production

Rubber and engineering polymer applications

Packaging (greenhouse covers)


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